We know our business.


We are a Finnish advisory boutique focused on strategy and transactions. We are proud of the advisory heritage of Nordic Adviser Group, a firm we founded and have built since 1998. We are different:


Each member in our management team has more than 10 years of experience. In management consulting and in mergers & acquisitions plus strong industry experience.

We don't bait & switch: Our senior team members will be active and committed in all our customer assignments throughout the project life span.

Our business does not come from projects. It comes from relationships with our clients. We are senior and competent enough to be your value creating partner. We can offer solutions from strategy to transactions, all the way to implementation.


We have the ability and courage to see the longer term picture and to be creative in how to maximize our clients' potential.

Let's take just one case: the creation of the mobile operator DNA starting in 1999. No one asked us to originate a third national mobile operator. It was supposed to be just another industry trend study for our clients. However, we looked at the facts and saw the industry restructuring opportunity. We originated and created the DNA business concept. We created the strategic and financial plan to achieve profitability. We acted as the lead financial advisor in all the deals that were required to finance the ambitious plan. Look at DNA's success now. History has validated our insight.


Our team has a unique combination of strategy consulting and corporate finance competence.

Needless to say, we understand financial value creation. However, we also understand the broader picture: the customer perspective, the owner perspective, the community perspective.

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